Mission Statement​


       JF Arms Company was founded out of the need for a quality training courses that pass along the knowledge gained by its instructors to those who wished to learn more than want can be obtained by simply going to the range on their own. With the home invasions by multiple intruders becoming more and more frequent, along with the large number of Americans finally waking up and realizing they alone are responsible for the safety of themselves and their loved ones, it was time for more options to be available to the Fort Wayne, Indiana area residents. Along with quality training from instructors who constantly work to improve themselves, there was a need for a store that offered firearms and accessories that were of the highest quality. Quality that can only be offered by select manufacturers who go above and beyond for its end users.

       Products from companies such as Bravo Company Mfg, Daniel Defense, Glock, Trijicon Optics, MagPul, SilencerCo, Advanced Armament, DS Arms, Haley Strategic Partners and more are available in store or for factory direct ordering, most of the time at pricing below even the manufacturer lists it for even on their own retail stores!

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